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Germany - Bremen Weser

Services provided

Service Availability:
24 Hours
Traffic Image Generation:
Radar, Real-time Tracking, VHF Radio Position Reporting
VTS type Service:
Availability to Allied Services:
Full availability
  • VHF Procedures


    Special Provisions
    This is a mandatory VTS
    Vessels carrying dangerous cargo in bulk:
    Visibility more than 1000 metres: radar and VHF fully operational
    Visibility 500 - 1,000 metres: tankers up to 2,000 tdw.
    Bremen Weser Traffic consists of three sectors:
    Harriersand Radar/Elsflether Sand Radar
     VHF CH 19
    Rönnebeck Radar/ Ritzenbüttel Radar/ Schönebeck Radar 
    VHF CH 78
    Ochtumersand Radar/Seehausen Radar/ Lankenau Radar
    VHF CH 81
    (Bremen Weser Traffic on all channels)
    All vessels in area Bremen Weser Traffic must maintain permanent watch on Sector VHF Channel, and VHF CH 16, as appropriate.
    Permission to change frequency or to end VHF watch should be obtained from Bremen Weser Traffic.
  • VTS Plans

    Not to be used for Navigation
  • Reports


    Pre-entry reports (Sailing Plan)
    ALL VESSELS more than 50m in length, including pushed / composite units, carrying dangerous cargo in bulk, (gas/chemicals/petroleum/petroleum products), tankers if not cleaned, degassed or completely inerted after carrying petroleum / petroleum products with a flashpoint below 35°C :
    1. Before entering VTS area from sea
    2. Before entering VTS area from a harbour or berth within the area
    TO: Bremen Weser Traffic
    GIVING: IMO SRS ITEMS: Alpha Delta Golf India Oscar Papa (full particulars, including gas-free or not) Quebec Tango Uniform
    VIA: Sector VHF CH (See BRE 2)
    Position reports
    ALL VESSELS (as above)
    WHEN: at reporting points (waypoints) shown, or entering VTS area from a harbour or berth
    TO: Bremen Weser Traffic
    GIVING: IMO SRS ITEMS: Alpha Bravo (passing time) Delta Foxtrot
    VIA: Sector VHF CH (See BRE 2)
    Deviation reports
    ALL VESSELS (as above)
    WHEN: any change in details given in pre-entry report
    TO: Bremen Weser Traffic
    GIVING: IMO SRS ITEMS: change by deviation (anchoring, change of destination)
    VIA: Sector VHF CH (See BRE 2)
    Incident report
    ALL VESSELS (as above)
    WHEN: all vessels shall immediately report an incident impairing safety or the environment
    TO: Bremen Weser Traffic
    GIVING: full details of incident - to include Dangerous Goods Report, Harmful Substances Report or Marine Pollution Report as appropriate
    VIA: Sector VHF CH (See BRE 2)
  • Pilotage

    See page BRV 5

  • Services Offered


    Information Service
    Situation reports (SITREP) are broadcast at fixed times, and reports to individual ships are broadcast on demand. Request for individual reports are to be made on Sector VHF Channel to Bremen Weser Traffic
    Time of SITREP: Every hour + 30 minutes on Sector VHF Channel, in German, on request in English
    Content of SITREP:
    1. Information relevant to making a safe passage through the VTS area
    2. The general fairway and traffic situation (weather, casualties, dredging, pilot information)
    Navigational Assistance Service
    Provided on request or if instructed by VTS Centre
    1. If visibility is less than 2000 metres
    2. If light buoys are withdrawn due to ice
    3. If required by the traffic situation or requested by vessel concerned 
    Language: German, or, on request, in English
    Content: Regular own ship position information and information concerning other traffic. Advice on course to steer on request
    REQUEST: Call Bremen Weser Traffic
    GIVING: IMO SRS Items: Alpha Delta for identification
    VIA: Sector VHF CH (See BRE 2)
    Traffic Organization Service
    Prevention of accidents and pollution, control of traffic flow by warning, advice or instruction
    VTS Centre:
    Bremen Weser Traffic
    Tel: +49 421 537 8381
    Fax: +49 421 537 8401
  • Contact Information


    Associated Services
    Bremen Port Authority
    VHF Ch 03 via Bremen Port Radio
    Tel: +49 421 395 013
            +49 421 361 8511
    Bremen Locks
    Oslebshausen VHF CH 12

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