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Portugal - Lisbon

Services provided

Service Availability:
24 Hours
Traffic Image Generation:
Automatic Identification System (AIS), Radar, Radio Direction Finder
VTS type Service:
  • VHF Procedures


    1. Vessels should report to Lisboa Port Control 2 hours before arrival
    2. Vessels should report to Lisboa Port Control the following situations:
    a. when crossing (ENTRE CABOS) the alignmentmentioned line defined by defined by the lighthouses of Cape Espichel and Cabo Raso
    b. when crossing (ENTRE TORRES) the alignment defined by the lighthouses of S. Julião and Bugio
    c. First rope ashore
    d. When unmoored
    e. When anchoring or weighing anchor
  • General Information


    Lisboa Port Control broadcasts navigational, meteorological and traffic information on VHF Ch 74 when appropriate.
    On request Lisboa Port Control provides:
    1. Traffic information
    2. Local weather
    3. Weather forecast
    4. Tide height
    5. Status of Aids to Navigation
    6. Information on local harbour operations such as dredging, ferry routes, regattas and other relevant information.
    Location: Centro de Coordenação e Controlo de Tráfego Marítimo e Segurança (WGS84 Datum: 38º 41,63’ N / 009º 14,06’W)
    Telephone: +(351) 213 025 482
    Fax: +(351) 213 025 486
    Email: [email protected]
    VHF: VHF Ch 74, also available Ch 12 Ch 13, Ch 16.
    Call: Lisboa Port Control
    Hours: 24 hours per day operation.
  • VTS Plans

    Not to be used for Navigation
  • Reports


    Initial Report - Vessels inward bound should report:
    To: Lisboa Port Control
    Giving: IMO SRS Items: Alpha, Charlie, Golf, Oscar, Papa, Quebec.
    When: 2 hours before arrival
    Via: VHF Ch 74
    Vessels must report when passing the following points:
    1. The line joining Cape Espichel and Cape Raso
    2. The line joining the lighthouses at Bugio and S. Julão
    3. First rope ashore or unmoored
    4. When anchoring or weighing anchor
    To: Lisboa Port Control
    Giving: IMO SRS Items: Alpha, Charlie
    Via: VHF Ch 74
    Vessels must report prior to departure from any berth or anchorage:
    To: Lisboa Port Control
    Giving: IMO SRS Items: Alpha, Charlie, India, Papa.
    When: 15 minutes before departure
    Via: VHF Ch 74
    Incident Reports must be sent to Lisboa Port Control on VHF Ch 74
    Any of the following conditions must be immediately reported:
    1. In the case of fire or explosion
    2. Any condition that may impair a vessels ability to safely navigate and manoeuvre
    3. Involvement in a marine casualty
    4. Any pollution incident
    5. Any hazard to navigation
    6. Any defect or discrepancy in an Aid to Navigation
    7. Adverse weather and visibility conditions
    8. Another vessel in apparent difficulty
    9. Security incidents
    To: Lisboa Port Control
    Giving: Full details of the Accident
    Via: VHF Ch 74


  • Services Offered


    The Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Centre controls navigation within the Lisboa Harbour limits, and provides information and advice to vessels navigating inside the Tagus river estuary and the seaward approaches up to the alignment defined by the lighthouses of Cape Espichel and Cabo Raso.
    The system is mandatory and applies to all vessels with VHF, excluding the following:
    a) Local fishing boats;
    b) Local harbour traffic;
    c) Leisure crafts with a length overall less than 20 meters PROCEDURES

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